Saturday, August 22, 2009


Life is short. I am just beginning to realize how short. We are here for a short period to live, breath, love, and then die. I think of the Scriptures that say we are like dust, or like a plant that blooms today and withers tomorrow. Our lives are indeed brief. My sister and I were talking tonight about this tangible reality, as we ourselves are growing older. She commented upon the futility of life. It does seem futile really, when one has no purpose or point. What is the point of life, truly? I believe there is no point without Christ, none. If we are not here to know Him, glorify Him, and become more like Him than this brief passage through what we know as life is meaningless. Mortal, finite life is indeed brief; however, He came to save us from that futility. It was not meant to be this way--brief. I believe it was C.S. Lewis who said that this material world is like a dressing room, simply preparing us for what's to come. I think he was right. Life may be brief, but it is not futile...

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