Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The present is a balance beam. All efforts should be aimed at remaining in balance and present, but constantly there is the pull and strain of the past and future. The allurements that these two possess are only shadows and deceptions of control. They whisper and lie, breading discontent and offering a pseudo control that will always elude. The past teasingly encourages you to dwell and linger on what now cannot be changed, and the future temptingly draws you to what can only be imagined and created, for it has yet to be. There will always be this battle for balance and the fight to remain present, and this battle must continually be fought-for presence is crucial to sanity and to wholeness of life...in my humble opinion.


logan said...

i appreciate what you're saying about the illusion of control offered by living in the past or future.

being fully present is an act of active surrender - surrendering my role as an outside observer of my own life, a surrender of the imaginative craftings of my future or the reimaginings & commentaries of my past in favor of choosing to actively engage with the moment, with no reset button.

i already live entirely too much in my own head, but i know that when i am actively engaged in the present, i love better.

Gabriel Marcel said that objective observation of our own life is a delusion, that we always remain connected to our subjective experience of the world.

Keep it coming, Mistress L - it's got my brain working in good ways ;^P

danielle said...

you words speak such truth.
i am excited to see and hear what is ahead of you in ireland.
love you.