Sunday, August 26, 2007


I would assert that the preparation for an event and the anticipation that accompanies the preparation is half of the excitement. A thing or upcoming occurrence conjures ones imagination and provides fun without anything happening in actuality. Packing for a trip and thinking through all of the details can, in my mind, offer an extension to the trip and the fun itself. In a way, you are there already in your imagination-experiencing mentally what will soon occur in reality. Such is the joy of anticipation and preparation...


logan said...

Hello, Miss L ;^]

You're friends with my mom, Stacy, and she gave me this blog address - a semester in Northern Ireland sounds pretty spectacular, i'm envious.

At times i'm struck by how much of my life is lived in anticipation or remembrance - wanting to look forward to an experience or wanting to be able to recount it - and how little of it i spend actually /being/ present with the experience. Something i'm practicing ;^D

I hope that during your time there you will able to be fully present and immersed in your overseas adventure.

My email is logansandrock (at) yahoo if you'd like to correspond at all - my "mumsy" speaks highly of you, and she's a good judge of character, i rather think.

happy Monday,

Tracie Faust said...

im goin to need you to use smaller words, stapley.