Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reaching forward

How I wish one could see into the future. It would make the present so much easier. But, than again maybe not? I think we all assume if we knew the plan the process would be less painful, but in all reality it might in fact make the present & the process impossible to endure because all we would do is strain towards the future (or run away from it) and not truly abide in the present. The present is necessary, the process of growth, pain, trials, etc. Without that, without now, without the process there is no future. Not revelatory, but true. I still wish I knew the plan, the future, what was "to be" but I can't see it, I can't know it, and all I have is now, the present, and my current process. Sometimes I get frustrated with the present as it seems to constrain and confine me, but if I am exerting all of my energy simply grasping for what is yet to be, I will miss out on what is here and now. And I don't want to miss anything. So, I guess the "then" will be "now" eventually, and all I can really do is keep walking, and try not to run ahead...

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