Monday, November 7, 2011

They are me and I am them

I had the revelation recently: I am my students and my students are me. I am discovering that the things which irritate me most about them are my own fatal flaws. Sad truth. But, isn't it always that way? The things that irritate us most about others are in fact our own deepest discrepancies.

Hopelessly lazy, ditto.
Everything is "too hard," yeah, I get that.
Perfectionists. Yikes, yep. To a fault.
Finding identity in grades, achievement. Hmmm, check.
Just wanting to finish, accomplish, and move on. Mmm hmm.
If something's difficult, too complex, requiring of actual thought, forget it. Whew.
Doing things ones own way. Yep! That's me.

Each one individually seems to posses at least one quality that, collectively amongst them, makes up all the qualities which summate my greatest shortcomings. Humbling. Perhaps God has so much more to teach me about myself and His character through these kids than I actually have to offer them, which is not much.

Mini me's are not as fun as one might imagine...

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