Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I love the high of inspiration. It's exhilarating. People. Ideas. People and their ideas. All inspire me. A good conversation, or a an idea from a good book can impel inspiration. But, sometimes I am so consumed by the high that my over-excited thoughts cannot make sense of themselves. I have to fight and wade through the plethora of notions and concepts swimming around in my brain, in order to extract some coherent strain. It's a joy when I can.

Conversations, at least the kind of conversations I often have, contain so many tangents. Hence, why I sometimes have difficulty making clear one solid idea. My friend Kristi uses a phrase often that I think applies to how I like drawing together my inspired thoughts into one concrete concept. She refers to it as "tying the bow." She gains satisfaction from circumstances coming full circle and being completed, or "tying the bow," if you will. I gain the same joy from joining ideas. I will wrestle with an inspired thought for some time before birthing it into words or coherent thought. But, it is very satisfying to bring to fruition an idea or concept. Inspiration is rot unless given some kind of coherent birth, then bow. Both are needed.

And sadly, I'm not honestly sure if this post has the coherent birth or bow that I was hoping for--ironic--but, birthed it needed to be, and bow it will perhaps have to wait upon. Goodnight.

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GLB said...

I love to read your writings. bow, or no bow.