Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's amazing how light can alter things. I just put a new lamp in my room. It's in my newly created "reading corner," next to an old antique, avocado green chair. And it has changed completely the feel of my room. It's a dimmer light than the others in my room, soft I would say. It casts an older feeling than the rest, if that makes sense. It's amazing how the quantity or quality of light can alter a place. A brash bathroom light can make you look like death in the morning, vs. a dimmer, tamer bulb that says "I'm gorgeous." It's all in the lighting. But, this is superfluous. The point being light is crucial and can greatly alter our surroundings.

We all shed a kind of light with our lives. What is the nature of your light? Is it brash and abrasive? Is it dull and insignificant? Is it warm and reassuring? What is it? And what are we doing with it? Let us continue to allow the small, seemingly insignificant, facets of our world--such as light--to draw us to a greater awareness of self and purpose. There is ever so much to see...

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