Monday, December 10, 2007

The pain

My hearts feels to be ripping and tearing, yearning for the shores of that place of green pasture, sweeping Mournes, swelling tide, receding bay, cups of tea, friends and times together. The magic has been broken and my heart knows the reality-it cannot be repeated. The chapter has closed, never again to be reopened. Oh the pain I feel in my soul at the thought! How I wish I could return and repeat the memories, but I know it would be a sin to wish it. I must set my eyes towards now and rather than then, but how truly difficult it remains to tear my heart and thoughts from the place which afforded me with such precious memories, deep friendships, lasting lessons and a life long love of that place…I will never again be the same. My heart will forever be emblazoned with the mark of this time...

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